LaMelo Ball wasn’t just snubbed of his first NBA All-Star selection, HE WAS ROBBED!

Last night the TNT crew revealed the 2022 All-Star reserves, and it failed to include any Hornets players. No, not even sophomore sensation, LaMelo Ball. 

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Right off the bat, I immediately checked if Adam Silver had issued an executive order to demote Andrew Wiggins from the All-Star starters, who had been given this honor on January, 27th.


The hilarious part is that LaMelo Ball and Miles Bridges deserved to be All-Stars over Andrew Wiggins. You could make the case that Wiggins is a better defender while being apart of one of the best teams in the NBA, however, the stats speak for themselves:

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I’m not coming down on Wiggins. The former number-one pick has rejuvenated his career in Golden State, but under no circumstances should he be an NBA All-Star starter this season. In fact, it’s actually something every NBA fan can agree on. The voting system will more than likely be altered because of this debacle.

While their is an NBA All-Star draft, each conference still sends the same number of players, so Andrew Wiggins doesn’t necessarily apply to LaMelo by coming out of the West. Therefore, let’s discuss a name from the Eastern Conference.

Bucks forward, Khris Middleton, was named to his third All-Star appearance last night. Usually, when someone with worse stats is elected over guys with superior stats, it’s due to team success. This concept makes sense, but why are the voters acting like these traditions apply for this situation?

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Based on the fact that Milwaukee has a measly three and a half game advantage on Charlotte, it doesn’t make sense to give Middleton the nod over Ball. Look at the other teams who are hovering just above Charlotte- Toronto got their All-Star in Fred VanVleet, and Cleveland got theirs in Darius Garland. The Hornets haven’t been bad enough to be completely disregarded like this.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the NBA is loaded with talent, both young, and old. Therefore, fans are prone to being let down when their team’s MVP isn’t included on the All-Star ballot. This is not the case for LaMelo Ball who averages just south of 20 points, 7.7 assists, and 7.2 rebounds on a team that has been overachieving according to the preseason consensus.

Ending on a more positive note- LaMelo Ball will be in Cleveland on All-Star weekend because of the Rising Star game. This is important because injured Kevin Durant will need a replacement, and since LaMelo was one of the biggest names left off the All-Star ballot, he would conveniently be able to replace Durant.

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